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BBC really is pretty awesome sometimes…

January 20, 2012

Just to get the title of this post out the way early on, I just realised earlier how many of the very few shows I actually watch on TV are on BBC e.g. Sherlock, Lip Service, Hustle etc. it really is the only really entertaining/interesting set of channels on TV, excluding cable which fails to reach the entertainment value of BBC shows much of the time.  The only other “channel” which I feel comes close is HBO which I have to admit takes up quite a bit of space in my boxset collection with shows like True Blood.  Most of those shows end up on Channel 4 as well so I suppose I have to give that at least a mention.  Infact, Channel 4 is actually pretty awesome in it’s own right as well although I feel like a lot of the recent content on there is more aimed towards teenagers.  Anyway, I’m just rambling but do love BBC at times, when it’s not cowering in a corner scared of receiving complaints.

Sticking to the BBC topic at the moment… Hustle is back on TV.  It hasn’t been amazing since Danny (Marc Warren) left the show but it’s still got somelaugh out loud moments and keeps up the same face paced action it always had.  Apparently this is the final series which is a shame but means that we’ll get something new and original.

Another series of Lip Service is being aired in early Spring as well so I’m looking forward to that.

Anyway, moving on… College wasn’t bad today; got the venue booking set in stone, been offered some more support for the event and the head of Marketing at college is releasing a press pack for us which will get us coverage in all the local papers in the area and a local radio station so things are looking pretty good.  We’ve also had quite a bit of interest from people regarding tickets so we’re pretty confident the event will be a success.  What wasn’t a success today was my Office Management assessment, part of which required the creation of a job advertisement which is fine, quite easy assuming you remember to tell people where to send applications to!  Yeah, looking over my assessment I was pretty happy with it until I realised that any applicants for this imaginary job would have to send the application to an invisible fucking man.  So, yeah, definitely got some remediation to do there.

Apart from that, I haven’t been up to much today.  Spoke to my mate on the phone for a while and had a laugh over some internet bullshit and talk about Hitler (don’t ask).  Oh, and bad news about MegaUpload, eh?  Shame.

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