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Sleep really steals your day sometimes…

January 22, 2012

So, I was up pretty early… made some eggs for myself and sausages for Heather getting home from nightshift. I then played another section of Dante’s Inferno and then… nothing. We watched Hollyoaks for less than a hour then she went to bed and wanted me to spoon her and, naturally, I ended up falling asleep with her until 4pm lol.

Anyway, since then I’ve done… nothing. Honestly. I had a list of stuff I had to do today and have got absolutely nothing done. We had dinner, had a few drinks, done a workout, watched some Doctor Who and played Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

This has honestly been the least productive day I’ve had this year (not long into the year but my point still stands).

Oh, I did stub my toe and break the fucking nail in half so that’s keeping me in a nice, constant state of agony.  Lovely.  Anyway, I only posted to keep up my rhythm and apologise for any boredom it may have caused.  I’ll try and get you those 20 seconds of your life back one day.

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