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Made up for yesterday…

January 23, 2012

I’ve got a proper sidebar!  Well, almost.  I like what I’ve done but I’m not sure if it really goes with the header.  I’ll mess about with both of them a bit more when I have more time but they’ll have to do for now.

Finished the first week of my squats program today.  Thankfully I’m not experiencing any pain this time round.  I never really explained the fact that I’ve had a lot of trouble with my legs since I was young but yeah, my legs trouble me quite a lot and are beginning to lose the pretty hefty “diamond”, as people like to call it, I built up over the last few years so I’m trying to build them back up until they can cut glass again lol.

Made some shortbread today as well.  Everyone seems quite surprised when I tell them because I’m more of a “MEAT.  GIVE ME MEAT!” type guy but yeah, I made some last week for Heather because I was bored as fuck and I’ve made some more today since she loved it.

It’s not the healthiest thing to be eating but having a bit now and again isn’t too bad, although I normally try to stay away from stuff containing a lot of flour or sugar.

Completed another circle of Hell in Dante’s Inferno today.  Didn’t think I’d get a chance to play it again until Friday/Saturday so that was cool.  You get to kill your own father who’s a huge, crucifix wielding freak of a guy that walks about in molten gold.  He didn’t say much when you killed him, the arrogant bastard but then again, neither did Dante while he melted his face off.

Had a think about posting recipes, book reviews etc. but I’m not sure if it’s really an idea I’m gonna run with… I see this as more of a personal blog type thing and don’t want to fill it up with a load of shit that makes it look like I’m trying to bring in views or something.  I’ll keep it in mind as WordPress does offer quite a bit of space and allows you to make seperate pages etc. so maybe I could add it there rather than make seperate posts but until then, if I think a book is great I’ll tell you in a blog post and you can read it and make your own mind up.  If I make some food that tastes fucking lovely, I’ll post a pic.

In response to a conversation I had with Martin a few nights ago and him taking my “Potential” post too seriously, he’s run with an idea of mine and made a wrestling news/views/comedy type thing and uploaded it to YouTube.  Enjoy, the last 10 seconds is worth sitting through the rest of it even if you don’t really like wrestling.

Hopefully he’ll carry on with it – he has to for at least one more episode due to certain purchased items but whether he’ll keep going after that will depend on what sort of response he receives.

Oh fuck, yeah… opened my shed today and the whole inside was covered in fucking water.  I have no idea what happened as I was in the other day, after heavy rain I might add, and there was absolutely no water in there so it’s happened in the last couple of days.  I keep a TV in there along with old consoles, books etc. but thankfully everything except the TV – which I won’t use anyway, I just didn’t want to throw it out straight away – is safe in awesome plastic boxes so not too much damage done.  I’ll get some tar for the roof or something in spring, it’s too wet to do anything just now anyway.

I think I mentioned that the second series of Lip Service is starting this spring on BBC.  If you’re not quite sure what it is, here’s a few clips involving one of the characters from the first series:

She’s the main character, and a seemingly crazy, lesbian bitch that’s had a bad life.  The series doesn’t revolve just around her but her character really evolves brilliantly during the series and she becomes the main reason for me, and others, appreciating the show rather than the lesbian sex.

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