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Fun day :)

January 24, 2012

Woke up this morning expecting a pretty boring fucking day waiting around for Heather to get back from her parents but I was pleasantly surprised.  I got a phonecall from her at half 10 in the morning telling me she had just left so I had 25 minutes to get washed, dressed and out to catch a bus into town.

We had a really nice day especially as we haven’t really spent a lot of money going out lately.  Grabbed a cappucino to begin with in a nice looking little bar that Heather had problems getting served in before as she had no ID so she went up to the bar to order the coffees today, passport at the ready and they didn’t even ask her for it.  I found that hilarious, she didn’t.  The thing about the cappucino was that some bright spark thought it would look cool to put a line through the froth/chocolate :\ I dunno why, it didn’t add anything to the coffee which gets spooned and then mixed up within seconds of them sitting it down.

Weird stuff, indeed but it tasted nice all the same.  Heather took a few pics of me and we got a few pics of eachother as well.  Here’s one of me since I haven’t bothered to let anyone on here even see what I look like yet:


Ignore the t-shirt, it means nothing!  There’s actually better pics than this so I might look one out and use that instead, if I can be bothered lol.

Anyway, we then went shopping.  Checked out a couple of clothes shops but couldn’t find anything so we settled on a magazine and dvd before going for lunch.  The waitress looked like she thought I was a bit mad when I asked her for mash potato with my Chicken Caesar Wrap instead of fries lol.  Tried a new cocktail in here as well; Tennessee Tea.  It’s pretty much what that link lists with the addition of Angostura Bitters which I assume is just use to coat the glass along with ice before being poured out.  I also got my own back on Heather in here by taking a few pics of her.  I’ve edited one of them a little – I say a little…


Very purple.  I sort of messed up the editing a bit – see the large patch on the arm? – but it’s not that bad.  I’m not sure how I managed to keep the lemon colour in lol, was a bit of an accidentl really.

After lunch we went hunting for a new mattress/bed but didn’t have much luck although we did see a few ideas we want to implement when we get round to decorating.  Hopefully we’ll start that soon, probably next month to be honest.  After that we just headed back towards the bus stop, both a couple of bottles of fruit cider and another cappucino which I had to leave sitting in the bar because Heather apparently thought she saw the bus passing the window – she didn’t so it was a wasted cup of coffee.

I’ve also had an N-Dubz song stuck in my head all fucking day and I have absolutely no idea why.  First of all it was a Pink song I couldn’t remember the name of and now it’s N-Dubz.  I really don’t know what’s happening to me, I barely listen to that type of music these days.  Here’s a video anyway, maybe some of you will enjoy it.

The music sounds a bit weird in that video for some reason I think or maybe it’s just the volume I have my laptop at just now, who knows.  Hopefully it’ll be alright for any of you.

Found out tonight that following exact instructions for Microsoft Access that were written using Office 2003 really doesn’t work when you’re using 2007.  I’m still able to do the work but the instructions make no sense so I’m just gonna catch up in college so I can answer questions based on the proper version of the program.  Bit annoying but oh well.

Started a push-up program today.  It follows the same sort of plan as my squats program so I should be able to stick to without any problems.  Was really surprised at my form during the intial stage as I haven’t done any push-ups for ages but managed an almost perfect form.  I think it’s probably got more to do with the added muscle on my arms rather than some new found ability for the exercise.

College tomorrow but I’m really not tired so I see myself ended up rolling into the class after 9 lol, hopefully the lecturer will be a bit late as well.

Speaking of college… I’m not sure if anyone else in the UK is experiencing this as much as I am at my particular college at the moment but there have been a lot of strikes lately – at least 2 a week.  It’s now moving up to 3 a week so we’re gonna miss so many classes.  While this is pretty cool on the surface it means that my class in particular is gonna miss classes relating specifically to our graded unit which affects our final grade for the course.  We’ve already missed 4 out of 6 classes due to strikes and closures so we can’t really afford to keep missing so much of the one thing.  If anyone else is experiencing the same thing, let me know as we’ve tried googling but can’t find much about it at the moment and all the schools in the area seem to be open.

Just remembered the name of the Pink song that was stuck in our head today… I don’t even own it and I don’t remember ever listening to it so it must have been playing in the background somewhere.

Seriously, I don’t remember ever going out of my way to listen to this but whatever.  Enjoy it as it’ll probably be the last time I ever post about one of her songs, no matter how awesome a voice she might have on occassion.

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