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January 26, 2012

I said I would update with what I done yesterday so I’ll start off with that.  College was pretty good, databases doesn’t really grab my attention but it’s not too bad.  After that, we had Business Information Management which isn’t too bad either but the class only lasted for 15 minutes as the lecturer gave us a practice assessment to do over the weekend.  College, done.  My bag split during college so I ended up buying a new one of those along with finally buying a new pair of jeans.  After that, I ended up in a bar for “lunch” and came away a few hours later with my head floating away in clouds of alcohol.

It was a fun day but I can’t be arsed drinking anymore, it really doesn’t do anything for me.  Also bought a bottle of Thermobol which is an workout supplement that raises your metabolism and burns fat.  I’m not sure how good it is but it’s highly recommended if you workout often so thought I’d give it a go for a month.  Anyway, that’s my brief summary of yesterday done.

Today, I was awake at 5.30 and up, ready and going a walk through the frosty morning by 8 in just a t-shirt.  It was actually a really nice morning even if it was absolutely freezing.

Came home and made breakfast… black pudding, egg and tomatoes.  Not the healthiest but it tasted awesom after the night before lol.  After that, I just chilled for a while reading Men’s Fitness then we went for another walk, just down to the bank so Heather could take some money out.  We were planning to go to the park but it started raining so we just jumped on a bus to get home.  Shared a pack of sushi for lunch then got some stuff done before going another walk… this time in the snow and with the intention of going to the park so I could try some pull-ups on the monkey bars lol, don’t even ask.  Anyway, we left and made our way through the snow then realised we didn’t have any money to get the bus back so we raced back home for money, then back out into the even heavier snow and saw the bus coming so we jumped on that, got off at a stop not too far from the park, made our way down to it to discover that there are no fucking monkey bars.  Heather thought that was funny then hit me with a snow ball.  She was left with some cold boobs.  Muwahaha.

Anyway, we raced back up the hill and managed to catch another bus home.  Fucking hell, we spent a lot on buses today.  We usually just walk!

Made myself a lovely salad for dinner, lots of rocket, sliced tomatoes and gherkins with a chicken breast.  Heather had brown rice and chicken.  We then spent some more time chilling infront of cheesy tv programmes, talking about the future and generally shit like that.  We got some ideas about how we want to decorate as well.

I need to get some college work done for tomorrow and do today’s squats/push-ups so that’s it for today.  Hopefully I’ll have some more interesting stuff to write about tomorrow but who knows.  Got a few things planned so maybe I will come up with something.

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