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Getting better…

January 28, 2012

Woke up this morning feeling a lot better… didn’t last the whole day but I’m feeling nowhere near as shit as I did yesterday so it’s all good.

Completed Dante’s Inferno!  I’m thinking about going for 1,000 gamerscore on it, not because it seems easy enough to get but just because the game is actually fucking awesome.  It ends with a “to be continued…” so I’m hoping for a sequel in the near future.  I found a trailer on YouTube but it’s just a few obscure-ish scenes from the original game which aren’t instantly recognisable mish-mashed together to make it look like a new game.  I don’t know why people waste their time on that sort of stuff, surely they don’t get any enjoyment out of it?  Strange people.

Spent a lot of today reading a book about Edinburgh attractions, hotels etc. as we’re planning on going there for a week/weekend, maybe for Valentine’s day.  There’s a few places I want to go, mainly Arthur’s Seat as the views look amazing and I like an excuse to walk.

Obviously, we’ll throw in some more romantic places to visit as well but Heather wants to visit the dungeons so I get to visit Arthur’s Seat.  Just a bit of give ‘n’ take really lol..

I’m not sure if the Thermobol is working or if it’s just down to the fact that I’ve probably eaten less carbs in the last couple of days than most people have in one meal but I’ve actually lost 5lbs in the 2 days since starting the pills.  I’ve obviously been eating a lot better and was ill yesterday which might be contributing to it along with my usual exercise which I still done last night despite the feeling of shitness but even if the pills are only producing a sort of placebo effect, that’s enough of an incentive to keep taking them especially as they don’t seem to be the cause of the bug I apparently had/have.  Time will tell how good they are as it really has only been 3 days now and that’s no time at all in which to make a decision.

Watched Hustle today… I have to say I was actually a bit disappointed in the lack of originality.  It was another “police are onto us, we’ll play with them” plotline which they seem to be using quite a lot in the last few seasons.  I’m still upset that it’s the last planned season but maybe a break will do it good and then, if it does come back, things might seem a bit fresher.

Skye Lourie is also in this episode, playing Kat.  I remember her from Pillars of Earth but had no idea she was actually 20-something and pretty hot.  During Pillars of Earth, I just assumed she was a young girl, who couldn’t act, but then again, I don’t suppose they could have let her rapist husband at her if she was as young as the character she was playing so I just wasn’t thinking.  Anyway, she’s pretty and seems like a good actress in the little time she actually had on screen.  Not much about her on the net but apparently she’s from New Zealand so I’m really impressed with her accent in this episode.

Got loads of stuff to get done for college… can’t be arsed at all if I’m honest but it needs to be done.  I’ve got a Business Information Management practice assessment, two parts of a Business, Culture & Strategy assessment to type up then turn into a report, posters and tickets to design to a printable stage for this event we’re organising, 3 sections of an Advanced Database booklet to finish and notes to read over for the Office Management class I finished.  I’m really not liking all these strikes days they’re having at the moment, it’s holding me back.  I suppose it’s holding everyone back but I hate having to be organised.

I had a lot of stuff to write about today but it has actually all gone right out my head.  I’ll leave you with some Staind.  Not amazing, but still good. I was listening to it quite a bit the other day.  Enjoy.

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