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Later that day…

January 31, 2012

Feeling a lot better, hopefully it’ll stay this way this time.

Finished my advanced database book so I can go on and do the assessment a month or so early, yay.  That’ll give me an extra half day off college each week so might have time to get some other, more personal, stuff done which I’ll let everyone know about when the time comes.  Still need to finish my Business, Culture and Strategy stuff but I’ve finally got all my notes together so I’m hoping I can get that done this week – and actually stick to that idea this time – and hand it in on Monday afternoon, do a bit of editing and that’ll be me finished that class 6 weeks or so early as well giving me Mondays entirely free and much more guilt-free free time.

Heather showed me something on YouTube that I’m pretty every fucking person in the world has already seen, apart from me.  Jenna Marbles.  Whatever anyone might say about her, she is fucking hilarious and I’m going to bore you with something you’ve already seen but probably watch every few weeks anyway.

Got that out the way.  Speaking of getting things out of the way, don’t you hate official spam?  By official spam, I mean all those fucking bullshit emails you get sent because you’ve bought something from a website at some point in the distant past, the emails Amazon send you because they think you want to read a book about a farmer boy saving the world from impending doom because you bought a book from them at Christmas, the emails from gambling websites you lost your cash on offering you incentives to play again etc. etc. etc. you get the fucking idea.  I read something the other day about taking 5 minutes out of your day to clear you inbox and unsubscribe from all the email newsletters you don’t want to receive.  Bullshit.  It took me 2 hours to clear my emails, unsubcribe from all the marketing stuff I’m about 90% sure I didn’t opt in for and to delete my Bebo account which I haven’t used in 2 years.  Speaking of Bebo, it supposedly closed today (any confirmation on this would be appreciated).  Weird that it should close on the day I delete mine, maybe I’m just that damn special.  Who knows?  I don’t but I’ll be sure to ask Heather.

Saw some WWE Royal Rumble today, Sheamus won.  Heather and I were really happy but apparently the internet are angry because Jericho didn’t take the win.  Fuck them, Sheamus is awesome.   The guy is funny and plays his part well as both a heel and a face although I much prefer him as a face as he actually comes across as quite a cheery, normal, Irish guy.

Well done him.  Hopefully WWE won’t do anything stupid with him.  I don’t actually watch wrestling that often but I do like at least knowing the results and seeing a couple of matches etc. a bit like UFC I suppose which I enjoy but also don’t watch regularly.  On the subject of wrestling though…

Martin done another show, discussing the whole Hogan vs Austin thing.  No comedy part to this time, but keep an eye on the pictures in the corners for a laugh.  Keep watching him so he keeps making them.  Also, visit the forum he’s talking about in the video so he sees I’m doing my bit.  Either way, enjoy.

Onto more serious issues.  The college strikes are really fucking confusing me rather than angering me now.  The strikes have apparently been suspended for 2 weeks which, naturally, makes it sound as though things will run as normal during that period of time whilst further discussions are ongoing etc. but apparently not.  We’ve been told that we’ve still not to go into college Tuesday – Thursday for the next 2 weeks.  This makes absolutely no sense to as strikes are suspended in order for things to carry on as normal so I have no idea what the fuck is going on especially as one of our lecturers has apparently told another student to come in on Wednesday morning for classes as normal.  There’s a severe lack of communication amongst staff and certainly amongst staff and students as we are offered conflicting information on an almost daily basis.  They really need to sort things out as, at the end of year, they’ll still have a job but students might not have their qualifications due to the lack of class time and tuition.

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