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I AM Willy Wonka!

February 1, 2012

Arrived at college an hour late this morning but no one else was in anyway so the lecturer went over the assessment with us and let us get on with it.  I managed to get all the tables and relationships done in about half an hour so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it off on Friday or next Wednesday if college is still open then.  Didn’t get any sample answers for Business Information Management so still not sure what’s going on there.

Left college at lunch and went into Irvine.  We went down to Boots and I found out that Heather has bought me Gucci Guilty for Valentines day – she really is fucking awesome!  On top of that she bought me the shirt I tried on yesterday, in my new smaller size.  Went to the Carrick after that for lunch and had a baked potato for the first time in ages, it was lovely.  Had to get tuna on it though, can’t miss the protein!  Got the bus home, jumped off it at our stop and Heather realised she left my shirt on the bus so we jumped on another bus and waited 15 minutes at a bus stop for the original bus to come to get the shirt back.  It was lying, still in the bag, on the floor in the middle of the upper deck.  People had obviously just saw it and left it lying rather than handing it to the driver.  It’d make more sense even if they had taken the thing rather than just leaving it sitting.  Idiots.

Came back home, made dinner, read Men’s Health in the bath for 2 hours then watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.  Awesome film.  Not something I would go out of my way to watch but when it comes on TV, I won’t switch it over.  Heather thinks I’m most like Willy Wonka because I would quite happily let stupid kids and their parents get hurt out of sheer ignorance and arrogance.  All I can is… yeah, I would.  Fuck ’em.

Also thinking about getting colonic irrigation… anyone got any thoughts on the matter?  Doubt it…

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