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It’s been a while (again!)

June 30, 2012

Well, I’ve finally finished college so I thought I’d finally update the blog.

I got As in both of my graded unit exams at college so I’m off to Caledonian University in September to study Management, Technology and Enterprise.  There’s not much else to say about it at the moment to be honest as I’m just waiting for them to get confirmation of my grades etc.

As for my health/fitness, I haven’t lost too much more weight – I think only 2 or 3lbs since I last posted but my body has continued to change for the better which is always nice.  I’ve finally got back into cardio so I should see some extra lbs shift soon.  For cardio I’ve started jogging and short sprints a couple of times a week coupled with The Pit (UFC) workout dvd which is really good but very advanced in some ways which will keep me improving over time.  I’m still lifting but only 3 times a week or so now and only doing press-ups as the dvd demands.  I’ve also cut out squat days except when the dvd asks for them.

I’ve spoke about video games before so I might as well mention what I’ve been playing lately.  One of my friends got me playing World of Warcraft again after two years away from the game but that only lasted a month.  Other than that, I played a bit of Majesty 2 – awesome game, check it out – and Final Fantasy XIII which is good but a bit repetitive if you try to do everything you can.

As for music, I haven’t been listening to anything really new or outstanding but I did discover Abby Power and Kelsey – two London girls with amazing voices – while browsing YouTube.  Abby Power’s lyrics can be amazing and Kelsey just has a great voice or as I said on facebook, she’s Tulisa with double the vocal and triple the looks.  I won’t lie, it helps that they’re both pretty hot.

Well, it seems like we’re in some sort of Summer of Sport type situation at the moment what with Euro 2012, Wimbledon and the Olympics.  Firstly, it’s the Euro 2012 final tomorrow, Italy v Spain.  I predict a win for Italy.  Wimdledon, I predict a Murray v Federer final for the men with Murray hopefully coming out on top and a Sharapova v Azarenka/Williams final for the women with Azarenka taking it.  As for the Olympics… I’m not that interested.

Movies… I’ve only been to the cinema twice this year and both of those have been in the last two weeks.  The Avengers was amazing, easily the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.  If you haven’t seen it, you need to.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was good but not as great as it seemed from the trailers.  I went into it expecting a Sherlock Holmes meets Van Helsing type situation but it’s really not like that at all despite some of the same sort of shots throughout the film.  I doubt I’ll bother buying the dvd when it’s released but it is a good movie and worth seeing at least once if only because the vampires don’t fucking sparkle.

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