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July 16, 2012

First of all, I want to rant about people who say something or someone is shit yet still either watch, listen, talk to, buy or follow all the news, decisions, hype etc. etc. surrounding it e.g. people who say they hate an actor then go out and watch one of his movies in the cinema just so they can then bitch about how much they hate him and how shit the movie was, people who say they hate a sport then watch it so they can bitch about how bad it is and how bad the players were, people who say they hate a singer then listen to their latest songs just so they can say it was shit.  What is the fucking point in putting yourself through something you supposedly don’t like just so you can then tell people you don’t like it?  There isn’t one.  It’s completely pointless and just wastes your time and the time of the people who have to listen to the amount of shit you spew from that hole in your face.  If I don’t like something/someone, I don’t go out my way to have that shit around me, I ignore it/them.  Don’t feel you have to put yourself through something just so you can have some sort of meaningless fucking opinion.  I know some people base their lives around having an opinion in order to make themselves feel controversial and edgy but lets be fair, these people are cunts.  My only wish is that I could get through the rest of my life without having to deal with them and have them piss me off but unfortunately I can’t, nor can I ignore when it’s put in my face so yeah, if you’re reading this and you’re feeling offended because you do this type of shit then fuck you but have a nice day because I refuse to give you the satisfaction of hating you and adding to your otherwise meaningless, angst driven life.  Next!

The people on facebook (and twitter?) who seem to think that if they don’t post about going to the gym then they won’t see any results.  Give me a fucking break.  If you have time during your “hardcore, killer workout” to sit on facebook and have a bit of banter then you’re doing it fucking wrong.  If you want to workout, workout, don’t fucking talk about it.  Also, I realise that I occassionally post about the workouts I’ve been doing or planning but I feel that I’m actually posting in a relatively private environment and actually going through with all my fitness plans that I can make an exception for myself in this case.  Phew, don’t have to hate myself just yet… next!

What have we got left?  Ah, one of my favourites, the people who don’t try to work to their potential.  Now, I have absolutely nothing against people who are content to just go with the flow and see where life takes them but I do have a problem with people who come up with these big, thought through ideas and don’t do anything with them.  Even this isn’t enough to make me rant though, what really gets to me is that they make no fucking sensible justification for not carrying their plans out!  They find excuses not to do it, they blame other people, they pretend that it doesn’t matter to them anymore… bullshit!  Everyone is the master of their own fucking life and with a bit of planning, a bit of passion and a lot of hardwork people can achieve anything.  I used to dream of being a writer, I actually used to write quite often but I stopped, partly due to personal reasons and partly because I knew that I had to do something a bit more solid with a more stable outcome i.e. college.  I still hold the dream of being a writer and I have made some very small plans which I’m following through on at the moment but I realise my limitations due to time contraints etc. that I know I won’t be able to become a successful writer for many years, if ever.  I’m being realistic, it’s hard but it’s necessary.  Do I give up?  No, I postpone the outcome.  What pisses me off are the people who choose to quit.

This was a very much unplanned post but I had a spare 20 minutes.  I might delete it later to get rid of the unnecessary swearing, who knows?  Either way, take care.

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