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Are you feeling… Lawless!?

February 16, 2013

Hey, we’re one month into 2013 and I’m afraid to say that while I’ve been up to quite a few things, I don’t actually feel like I’ve done anything. Is that a bad thing? I’ve got no idea. There’s definite progress with some things but others… not so much.

Since I missed out on the whole “let’s take a pic in January so we can look back later, yay, YOLO!!!” thing in January, I took one at the start of February. Looking distinctly tired and out of it to be honest as I had been feeling a bit shit for the week and couldn’t be arsed with uni at this point lol.

Anyway, I was cheered up the next day when Heather and I met up with Tanya and Gordon for a bit of lunch (and a few drinks ;)). It was great seeing them again as we hadn’t met up since October. We got slightly tipsy and drew pictures. Honestly hoping their on the wall of the pub next time I go in lol – I’ll be checking!

Been working out properly again as well. As well as my usual dumbbells-can’t-be-beat mindset, I’ve been trying out kettlebells. I’m really impressed with the workout a single kettlebell can give you if you go at it properly without resting between sets. I was always a bit iffy about trying them out for the whole cardio-and-strength-in-one thing but it seems to get the heart pumping as well as burning my arms. Great workout, and a permanent piece of equipment in my workouts.

As for uni, it’s been… boring. I don’t like admitting to being bored but I’ve almost fallen asleep in some lectures and I feel like I’m not learning anything new. Maybe it’s a good thing – we’ll see once the exam comes. Incidentally, the exam is on my fucking birthday so I’m not liking that either but hey, double reason for celebrations afterward!

Earlier in January I said that there would be a blog post regarding my new years resolutions (or goals, I suppose). I’m not sure how comfortable I actually am with that at the moment so I’ll just say that I’ll post updates whenever I do anything exciting and if it relates to the goals I had in my head at the start of the year, I’ll be sure to write them out and keep updating my progress. Incidentally, one thing I didn’t plan that should be starting in a couple of weeks is a collaboration with Martin. I won’t go into too much detail here as he wants to record a new podcast to introduce it but it involves me writing articles/blog posts for his website with the hope that we can keep up a constant stream of original content to grow an idea we tried out a few years but let die before it even began.

I can’t end this post without mentioning Valentine’s Day. It was awesome. Seriously. So much bad shit happened to me on Valentine’s Day from ear buds breaking, losing my bus ticket, being stuck in traffic for an hour etc. and I still finished the day thinking everything was right with the world. Heather completely spoiled me; clothes, Lucky Charms (BEST CEREAL FUCKING EVER!!!), Davidoff: The Game aftershave, a watch and Lawless! She knows me so well. She was completely spoiled as well obviously.

That leads us up to today where we’ve started tidying the entire house. I’m getting completely sick of not being able to find stuff when I want and I’d rather have everything in its proper place so I can get a move on with other projects. Also ordered a new wardrobe and drawers for the bedroom which is exciting in a way as we decorated last year but only bought a new bed rather than a full set of furniture.

So, that’s about it for the month so far really. I’ll leave you with my favourite Lawless quote. Take care.

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