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Woah… been a while.

March 3, 2012

Well, I think I’ve destroyed my regular posting idea. Strictly speaking, it hasn’t all been my fault as I’ve been really busy lately. However, I’ve now got a lot of stuff done and out of the way so I can start posting a bit more regularly but probably not once a day.

The charity event went ahead on Tuesday night and it wasn’t quite as bad as I expected which isn’t to say it was a huge success either. We raised £280 on the night and have a pledge of £50 from a company who couldn’t make it. There were far too many delays and hurdles to make it any more successful than it was but a lot of those hurdles were caused by us, either as a group or individually. Either way, we hosted the event, we’re going to pass and to be honest, that’s all I give a fuck about. My heart was never in it.

The weight loss hasn’t moved on much, infact I’ve remained the same weight for the last 3 weeks. However, I have noticed a reduction in overall body fat whether down to exercise or Thermobol, I’m not sure. Speaking of Thermobol, I actually recommend this product. It helped with the weight loss over the first 2 weeks and probably helped maintain my weight for the next two weeks as well when I went slightly off-track in terms of eating out etc. it also gave me more energy and I’m assuming is part of the reason in the reduction of bodyfat. Really good product, shame it’s quite expensive. If you only use it three times a year or so though, it’s well worth it.

College is getting a bit less stressful… just a bit. I’ve hopefully finished Office Management which has been hanging over me for the last couple of weeks mainly due to me missing classes. Business, Culture and Strategy should be finished with on Monday assuming I fire out the last section this weekend. Developing the Individual within a Team should be done with next Friday; I just have to fill out some log sheets relating to the event and give a small presentation on management skills etc. I’m not worried about Business Information Management although I was a bit worried last Monday when I felt as though I failed my assessment but now I’m not too bothered, any remediation won’t take me long. I’ve got the planning stage of my graded unit to write up but again, I’m not too bothered about it at the moment. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to write up although I will have to go into college before Wednesday and transfer the information into a project plan. So, yeah, college is causing me a bit less stress now.

I’ve actually got quite a lot more to say and I will soon but this was just meant as a small update to let people know that I’m still here and planning on keeping the blog alive.

I’ll leave you with a song that never fails to motivate me for some reason.

One week later…

February 12, 2012

It’s been a week since my last post.  I’ve been a bit too busy to post.  I’ve been up to quite a bit in the last week but I can’t be bothered writing about it all as it’s generally just the usual stuff – working out, going out, college, plans etc.

This is just a quick post to sort of keep me interested and keep the blog relevant.

TNA PPV tonight… haven’t spoken to Martin for him to try to get me to do a podcast with him regarding who we think will win etc. and to be honest, that’s probably a good thing as I haven’t bothered watching it for a while.  I’ll probably check the results and maybe watch a match or two.  We’ll see what happens.

Working out is still going well although the healthy eating was a bit off this week due to a couple of takeaways but nothing too bad – no gain, no loss.  I have gone down a “jean size” though.  I’ve been 38″ for ages, now wearing 36″.  Most of my 38″ jeans are still fine on me though so no need to starting spending loads of money for once.  Noticed that my arms have actually lost half an inch around the biceps but have gained some definition so I’m assuming it’s due to fat loss.  Hopefully that’s the case.

College work is actually taking up a bit of time at the moment… I’ve got a few assessments to do, the planning stage of my graded unit etc. I’m not too stressed but most of the deadlines are within the next 1-3 weeks which is the same sort of time period that all the event stuff will be coming to an end in.  Again, we’ll see what happens.

We’ve actually got the week off college so we’re planning on going to Edinburgh for a Valentine’s meal or maybe for the night depending on how much money we both have.  We’re planning on starting some decorating this week as well or at least some of the prepartion work.  I’ve never tried wallpapering so I’m not sure how comfortable I am with attempting it.  Might give it a go in a room that isn’t quite as “important” as the bedroom or livingroom before I move on to those.

Not much else to say… I’ll probably begin posting everyday again once I’ve got things a bit more organised.

Weekend’s over…

February 5, 2012

So, the weekend’s over and I feel like I haven’t done much at all.  I spent the majority of yesterday working out and then in bed, I’ve just been completely shattered.  Obviously I done some other stuff and got some stuff done but I can’t be bothered writing about that and what I’ve done today so yeah, lots of working out and lots of bed time.  I did watch the rugby though – so many chances for Scotland but they never took them.  I didn’t feel like it was a great game at all.

Heather came back from work this morning so like always, we spent most of the morning together.  We tidied the bedroom again and I’ve found out that even more of my clothes are too big for me so I’m looking at another major clear out soon assuming I still keep losing weight.  Lost 3lbs this week so not doing too badly.  Hopefully I can keep it up for another month or two then re-evaluate my eating and workouts to see where I want to go.

Does anyone else find that a Sunday really is the most useless day of the week?  I always end up using it to do washing, tidy, organise, blah blah blah… nothing interesting ever happens.  I think the most interesting thing that happened today was watching Joey Essex try to chat someone up 10 minutes on The Only Way Is Essex.  I don’t really like the show anymore to be honest.  I liked it at first when it was Mark and just a few other people but now it’s just total bullshit and you can tell that so much of it is put on.  But yeah, Sundays… what’s the point in them?  I spent the entire day doing stuff I should have done during the week.

I did make a kiwi granita that we ate with some strawberries but that was about it apart from singing and dancing.  Heather apparently really likes it when I sing to her lol especially Kid Rock songs and stuff like that… she really liked it when I sand Down in Mexico.  If you don’t know the song, you’ll at least remember the lap dancing scene from Death Proof which was one of the shittest movies I have ever seen but at least it had a memorable scene.

Had an early night…

February 4, 2012

Yeah, I had an early night last night so didn’t get a chance to post.  I was absolutely shattered for some reason so just went to bed instead of actually doing anything productive.

College wasn’t bad at all yesterday.  We had a few moments that seemed a bit stressful but for the most part it was a pretty relaxed day.

I had white bread at every meal yesterday so I was feeling pretty shit last night, I’m not used to all that shit sitting inside me.  It isn’t nice, I don’t know how people can do that every day.  Thankfully it’s the weekend so I can get back to fill myself up with protein without having to grab something from a shop.  I’m pumping up the weight on my dumbbells.  I took it down to try and balance out the size of my arms and I was advised that that was the best way to do it but it just doesn’t feel right, I don’t feel any sort of resistance at all to be honest even doing 3 sets of 25 with each move.

On a similar sort of subject, I was saying to Heather the other day that I think there are people who will never be happy or comfortable with their size, no matter how much weight they lose or how good they look.  I’ve lost 6 – 7 stone now (84 – 98lbs – not quite sure of starting weight as I went between different scales and lost some weight before starting a proper routine) and I’m 1lb away from my original starting goal but I am nowhere near happy with the look of my body.  I’ve got the arms and legs I always wanted to have pretty much there already but no matter how I look at myself, I just can’t be happy with my progress.  I know that’s not healthy but I think it comes down to my whole “reach a goal then raise the bar” mentality.  I don’t ever want to be “skinny” but I’m worried that the more weight I lose, the more weight I’ll want to lose.  I’ve actually just worked out that I’ve lost a stone (14lbs) since boxing day – put weight on over Christmas – and most of it has been lost in the last 2/3 weeks.

Anyway, when we got home from college last night we were in a rush to get dinner out of the way so Heather could get ready for work.  I say we were in a rush but we weren’t, she was and for absolutely no reason as she got to sit watching tv for an hour before she had to leave.  Once she left, I listed 9 games for sale on and watched the rest of the Departed before heading to bed.

Not a bad day really…

February 2, 2012

Woke up this morning, waited for Tesco to be delivered then started getting ready to head into Irvine.  Everything I tried on – mainly shirts – was too big for me.  I haven’t worn them for 3 or 4 weeks but I didn’t expect them to be so fucking big.  I tried a layered jumper instead and Heather told me to take it off because it’s too baggy so I need to spend even more money on clothes.  It’s getting ridiculous, almost makes the weight loss feel like a negative thing rather than the positive thing it should be.  Ended up wearing jeans, boots and a fitted polo shirt.

We went to the Carrick (AGAIN) for lunch, I got another baked potato because it was lovely yesterday.  We then went down to Burton to try to arrange for them to come along to the event on the 28th and show off some of their wedding clothes.  Not too sure how that’s gonna go as they don’t deal directly with the wedding hire side of things and they seem to expect quite a lot from our event e.g. someone to model the clothes – they suggested me but I don’t think I’m built for modelling lol, got nice legs for a kilt though I suppose but it’s not gonna happen.  We then went down to Next and I managed to get a light jumper/hoody on sale for a tenner so can’t complain really as it looks alright.  Tried on some suit jackets as well.  It’s strange because I’ve lost inches from my waist but my chest has stayed the same size, if not increased.  46″ was fine on shoulders but far too loose in stomach area, 44″ was a bit too tight in the shoulders but find in the stomach.  I’m either gonna need to put up with it or the tightness in the shoulder or wait a while until I’m more comfortable with my size and get one tailored to fit.  Heather got a jacket from Next as well, in a size 12.  It looks good but not perfect so we’re assuming she’s a size 14 which is still great considering she started at an almost 20.  Either way, I’m really proud of her.

We browsed a few more shops but couldn’t find anything so just made our way home.  A clothes order was waiting for me when I got back – boots, jeans, long sleeved t-shirt and a jacket.  The jeans and boots are perfect, the t-shirt looks fine but the jacket was too big.  I’m gonna try to order a smaller size but I’m worried that a smaller size might be too small.  I seem to be at that between-size stage.

We had dinner, chilled a bit then went a walk.  Heather wanted to check out the local gym while we were out walking so we popped in.  It looked pretty good but the pricing is a bit shocking for what’s on offer.  We’re gonna shop around and find a better deal.

Just finished my squats and push-ups despite having a sore back from Heather pulling me off the bed into a chest of drawers.  Feeling pretty good apart from the pain, just glad I got them done.

I AM Willy Wonka!

February 1, 2012

Arrived at college an hour late this morning but no one else was in anyway so the lecturer went over the assessment with us and let us get on with it.  I managed to get all the tables and relationships done in about half an hour so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it off on Friday or next Wednesday if college is still open then.  Didn’t get any sample answers for Business Information Management so still not sure what’s going on there.

Left college at lunch and went into Irvine.  We went down to Boots and I found out that Heather has bought me Gucci Guilty for Valentines day – she really is fucking awesome!  On top of that she bought me the shirt I tried on yesterday, in my new smaller size.  Went to the Carrick after that for lunch and had a baked potato for the first time in ages, it was lovely.  Had to get tuna on it though, can’t miss the protein!  Got the bus home, jumped off it at our stop and Heather realised she left my shirt on the bus so we jumped on another bus and waited 15 minutes at a bus stop for the original bus to come to get the shirt back.  It was lying, still in the bag, on the floor in the middle of the upper deck.  People had obviously just saw it and left it lying rather than handing it to the driver.  It’d make more sense even if they had taken the thing rather than just leaving it sitting.  Idiots.

Came back home, made dinner, read Men’s Health in the bath for 2 hours then watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.  Awesome film.  Not something I would go out of my way to watch but when it comes on TV, I won’t switch it over.  Heather thinks I’m most like Willy Wonka because I would quite happily let stupid kids and their parents get hurt out of sheer ignorance and arrogance.  All I can is… yeah, I would.  Fuck ’em.

Also thinking about getting colonic irrigation… anyone got any thoughts on the matter?  Doubt it…