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Hello 2013: Looking Back at 2012

January 11, 2013

Well, shit, I left it a while between blog posts lol… I suppose time just got the better of me but now it’s January and time to look back at what happened in the last 12 months. I can’t remember most of what I got up to but I’ll just summarise a few points.

At the start of the year I was involved in planning the wedding event for charity. When I started doing it, I wasn’t into the idea and as time went on, I wasn’t enjoying the planning but I done what I had to anyway and we got there in the end. It wasn’t a great success but we didn’t do too badly and there were a few laughs along the way. I also started a new workout plan around this time and lost a bit more weight, had a few drinks and good times etc.

Jumping ahead to summer, it was probably the best summer I’ve ever had. I spent nearly every day with Heather, had loads of good times, spoiled her for her 21st, passed college with an A and got into uni so yeah, good times.

I started uni in September and realised it was gonna take up much more time than I anticipated but figured it would be worth it in the end. It’s not going badly but I’m really not into the way some of the course material is taught; a lot of is based around team working which is obviously important but it takes up so much time and is used as filler most of the time. I honestly think it’s in there so lecturers can be lazy and mark multiple students at once. But yeah, it’s not too bad and I’ve met some pretty good people so that’s all good. It was a month after starting uni that I finally met up with Tanya and had a few drinks. Made me miss college drinking days 😦

The rest of the year was pretty much just full of uni stuff and lots of days spent in Glasgow. Heather got 8 new piercings; lip and top of her ear which I got her for her anniversary and 6 more ear piercings – 1 in each year.

Christmas was spent with Heather and my family. This year, we ended up going way over budget for each other’s presents but didn’t get any little things as “filler” so we were both really spoiled but it was worth it. Heather also had loads of time off work; Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day because she’s changed her contract to working every fortnight now rather than weekly shifts.

That’s it, mainly because this is just meant as a quick post, it’s getting late, I can’t be arsed checking facebook or phone photos etc. to find out what else I got up to and because I’m not really into looking at the past and prefer looking towards the future.

I’m starting 2013 smarter, healthier, wealthier and much happier than I started 2012 and for once, I can actually envision taking control of everything around me and driving on towards the things I want in life. I’m sure I’ll write another blog post regarding my goals for the year etc. but for now I’ll just say Happy New Year and take care. It’s gonna be a great year.

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